Rare Disease Day 2021


Rare Disease Day 2021

The event was held on at the premises of the Nova International Diagnostics, Lalitpur, Nepal. It was overwhelmed by an interdisciplinary group of professionals, researchers, scientists, expertise, clinician, students, and media person.

The event was commenced welcoming the entire guest, delegates, speakers, and attendances followed by an inauguration from Dr. Nilam Thakur (Clinical Geneticist). She also tones the opening remarks by illustrating the objective, necessity, aim, and wishes of the event.

The main objective of the event:

  1. To gather leading scientists, researchers, scholars, and students engaged actively in various aspects of biological, clinical, and medical science.
  2. To discuss and dissipate knowledge of the rare diseases to the aspiring community.
  3.  To help in the enrichment of interdisciplinary knowledge and a global vision to the research problems concerning a rare disease.
  4. To share knowledge and common experiences of the rare diseases and their challenges and situation in Nepal.

Overall, it provided educational and informative updates on prevalence, updates, and situations, and challenges of the several rare diseases in Nepal.

Participant’s Feedback:

We are pleased to report that the overall rating of the program was highly positive based on the responses provided.

It was clear from participants’ feedback that the event enabled them to extract new ideas and pioneering approaches for rare diseases in Nepal and globally.

Media coverage:

The mini symposium drew considerable media attention, emphasizing the importance and relevance of the event themes to the public.

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